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Changing the holder of a domain name

This guide will provide you with information on how to change the holder of a domain name.

Last updated 5th May 2020


Beside managing contacts, to register a domain name, you need to enter information on the holder. This guide will detail how to do this.

Find out how to change a domain name holder.


  • access to the OVHcloud Control Panel
  • a domain name registered with OVHcloud
  • access as the admin contact for the domain name concerned
  • permission from the current domain name holder to change holders


Select the domain.

In the Domains section of the OVHcloud Control Panel, select the generic top-level domain (gTLD) you would like to change the holder of.


Change the holder.

In the General information tab, go to the Subscription section. Click ... next to the contacts, then click Change holder.


Any changes to the holder’s first name, surname, organisation, legal status and email address will be considered as a change of holder.

An information message will open. Click Continue.

Once you have confirmed your action, two emails will be sent to confirm or decline this change:

  • one sent to the current holder’s email address
  • one sent to the future holder’s email address

Once the two recipients confirm their agreement via email, the domain name holder change will become effective.

A maximum period of 60 days is authorised for the two recipients to confirm their agreement.

If the change is declined by one of the two parties, the action is cancelled.

If the domain name holder is changed successfully, the domain name will be locked, and cannot be part of an outgoing transfer for a 60-day period.

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