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Load Balancer FAQ

FAQ Load Balancer

How do I configure my Firewall to accept traffic from the OVHcloud Load Balancer?

When using the Load Balancer, your clients do not connect directly to your servers. A good practice is to setup a firewall to allow only traffic from the OVHcloud Load Balancer service.

  • To determine which IPs to allow in your firewall, you can use the following API call:

How do I know the status of my service?

Sometimes it may be useful to know the status of your OVHcloud Load Balancer.

  • To determine the status of your service, you can use the following API call :

The different statuses of the OVHcloud Load Balancer can be running (Active), reload (Refresh in progress), unknown (Not yet started), or dead (inactive).

How to add a failover IP to the OVHcloud Load Balancer?

A failover IP is an additional IP in which can be joined with your primary IP. The failover IP can be switched from one server to another in seconds.

  • To add a failover IP to an OVHcloud Load Balancer service :
  • Apply the change :

How to list the failover IPs routed to the OVHcloud Load Balancer?

How do I order a free SSL certificate ?

It is possible to order a free SSL ceritificate for the OVHcloud Load Balancer..

  • To order a free SSL certificate, you can use the following API call and entering your doman in the fqdn field:

It is possible to order a multi-domain certificate; the fqdn fields accepts a sting type input.

For the orer to be completed, it is required that the domain name points to your OVHcloud Load Balancer.

How to list the SSL certificates assocatiated with the OVHcloud Load Balancer ?

  • To list the SSL certificates associated with the OVHcloud Load Balancer, you can use the following API call:

The SSL certificates that have been ordered (free or not) will appear as built. Those added by yourself are will appear as custom.

A SSL certificate appearing as built_not_routed is a certificate that has been order and delivered, but whose domain cannot be validated. Usually, this is becasue the domain to longer points to the OVHcloud Load Balancer.

  • To retrieve the details of an SSL certificate, you can use the following API call :

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