Technical capabilities

Learn the technical capabilities and limitations of the OVHcloud Managed Bare Metal

Last updated 27th October 2020


This page provides an overview of the technical capabilities and limitations of OVHcloud Managed Bare Metal services.

Capabilities and known limits

Item Description Value
Max. number of PCCs per customer ID Number of vCenters or packs per organisation No limit
Number of linked PCCs vCenters linked (Enhanced Linked Mode) 0 (not allowed)
Minimum hosts per PCC (SLA) Number of hosts per vCenter to maintain SLA 2
Minimum hosts per PCC (no SLA) Bare minimum hosts to work with vCenter without SLA 0
Max. number of hosts per cluster Hosts per cluster 64
Max. number of clusters per vDC Number of cluster within the same virtual data centre No limit
Max. number of vDCs per PCC Virtual data centres customers can add per vCenter 400
Max. number of hosts per PCC Limits of hosts per vCenter range Hosts: 340 hosts, 70 zpools
range Hybrid: 241 hosts, 120 zpools
range BigDS: 76 hosts, 205 zpools
Max. number of VMs per SDDC VMs managed by the same vCenter 25000
Max. number of VMs per host VMs hosted on the same physical host 1024
Max. number of IPs per PCC Max. number of Public IPs assignable and usable per vCenter 1 x /23
vCPUs, RAM and disk consumed by regular vCenter Resources assigned to vCenter (VCSA) 4 vCPU, 16GB RAM, 290GB Disk
vCPUs, RAM and disk consumed by regular vROPS Resources assigned to vROPS 4 vCPU, 16GB RAM
Max. number of IPSec VPN Tunnels Max. number of VPN tunnels per edge 512 compact edge
1600 large edge
4096 quad large edge
6000 extra large edge
Max. number of vRack per vDC Max. number of private networks per virtual data centre 1
Max. number of L2 VPN Clients Number of VPN clients to connect 5

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