Upgrading your Nutanix cluster

Find out how to upgrade your Nutanix Cluster

Last updated 16th May 2022


Once an upgrade of one Nutanix software component is needed, let's review all the main steps to apply it.

This guide explain the steps to upgrade your Nutanix Cluster.


OVHcloud is providing you with services for which you are responsible, with regard to their configuration and management. You are therefore responsible for ensuring they function correctly.

This guide is designed to assist you in common tasks as much as possible. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact a specialist service provider if you have difficulties or doubts concerning the administration, usage or implementation of services on a server.


Official documentation for upgrades

You can either look for this document: "The Nutanix upgrades: Life Cycle Manager" or visit the official Nutanix website for archived documents: Software Documentation: Upgrade Guide.


As for any action on the configuration of the cluster system, it is strongly recommended to create a new backup or check the latest one.

Items to update

Some updates are done from Prism Central. These are updates for:

  • Prism Central itself
  • *NCC

Some other updated must be run from the Prism Element. These are updates for:

  • LCM
  • AOS
  • Foundation
  • AHV

Before performing an update, make sure that the versions of Prim Element are supported by OVHcloud and that the version of Prism Central to be updated is compatible with Prism Element

Supported versions of Prism Element by OVHcloud are 5.20 LTS and 6.1 STS. You can update these subversions, but it is best to wait a month after a new subversion is released.

The compatibility of the version of Prism Central with Prism Element can be checked on the NUTANIX Interoperability website if you have a customer account on the Nutanix website.

Prism Central Upgrade

LCM Inventory

As documented in the official upgrade process, you should first launch a LCM Inventory to get a view of the software status of the Nutanix Cluster.

First LCM Inventory

Proceed to run the first or a new Inventory update:

Proceed LCM Inventory

After a pre-check phase, you will receive the results as soon as the inventory is done. The available upgrades will be displayed:

LCM Result Upgrades available

Select the upgrades you want or update all components. You can also decide to manage those upgrades directly as explained in the next two sections.

Performing the upgrade

Once you are certain that you can launch the upgrade, open the Prism Central Settings:

Prism Central Settings

If there are available upgrades, you can select the ones you need to apply, then choose to only do the pre-check or upgrade immediately:

Prism Available upgrade

The pre-check will be executed in any case:

Prechecks upgrade

If you have selected the upgrade process, the process itself will be initiated:

Upgrade start

During the execution, you might lose the connection to Prism Central:

Prism disconnection

After a few minutes, you can connect back to the Prism Central interface, and you can then check or wait for the end of the upgrade process:

End of upgrade

NCC upgrade

If there is one or more NCC upgrades available, you can download the ones you need and then launch the upgrade:

Select the NCC release


LCM Inventory update

Update the LCM inventory. If no upgrades are available anymore, then only the list of installed software components releases will be presented:

Up-to-date Nutanix cluster

Prism Central upgrade validation

You can also check that the Nutanix Cluster Prism Central is up-to-date if there is no upgrade available for your cluster: Click on the Prism Central Settings and open Upgrade Prism Central. There should be no available versions:

No Prism Central upgrade

NCC upgrade validation

You can also check that the Nutanix Cluster NCC is up-to-date if there is no upgrade available for your cluster: Click on the Prism Central Settings and open Upgrade Prism Central. There should be no available versions in the NCC tab:

No NCC upgrade

Updating Prism Element

From the Prism Central dashboard, in the Cluster Quick Access frame, click your cluster.

Upgrade Prism Element 01

Open the Menu and click on LCM.

Upgrade Prism Element 02

Click the Perform Inventory button.

Upgrade Prism Element 03

Click Proceed.

Upgrade Prism Element 04

Click Back to Inventory.

Upgrade Prism Element 05

First, we will update NCC.

Check NCC and click View Update Plan.

Upgrade Prism Element 06

Click Apply 1 Updates.

Upgrade Prism Element 07

Click Back to Software Updates.

Upgrade Prism Element 08

Click NCC Check to check the system before major updates.

Upgrade Prism Element 09

Leave All Checks and click Run.

Upgrade Prism Element 10

Wait for the Health check task to complete. You can view it in the Tasks menu.

Upgrade Prism Element 11

Select all available updates and click View Update Plan.

Upgrade Prism Element 12

Click Next.

Upgrade Prism Element 13

Click Apply N Updates.

Upgrade Prism Element 14

The update process can be very long, it is possible that some slowdowns occur but no downtime is to be expected.

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