Delete VM replica from Zerto recovery site

Remove a VM replica from a recovery site after deletion on the source site

Last updated 09th December 2021


Once a VM is purposefully deleted from the source site, the Zerto VPG it is part of pauses and goes into error state.
The VM replica files are still on the target datastore.
This document shows how to get the VPG back to normal and delete the VM replica from the target site.

Use the Zerto UI to delete the VM replica from the target site.



In the Zerto target site interface menu, check the VPGs and VMs dashboards.
In our example, VPG1 holds two VMs, vm1-zerto and vm2-zerto. The site sync status is functional.


In the source site vSphere interface, vm2-zerto is purposefully deleted.
Both the VM and its disks are removed.


Back in the Zerto target site interface, the VPG pauses and goes into an error state. The vm2-zerto is also greyed out now.


In the VPGs section, check the VPG1 box and in the Actions menu, click Edit VPG.


In VMs, remove vm2-zerto from the Selected VMS (check the box then click the arrow back).
Click Done.


Click No in the warning window as there is no typical need to save the recovery disk.


The VPG will sync and will get back to a functional state with only one VM left.


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