Automated Backups

Discover the automated backup methods for each engine

Last updated April 26, 2022


This page provides the technical descriptions of the automated backup methods and routines for each engine.

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Backup Methods

  • Daily remote site backup:

We back up our managed public cloud databases every 1 (incremental), 12 or 24 hours — depending on the product — with the ability to restore from the latest snapshot.

  • PITR:

Either you run into a problem or you just want to see what your data looked like at a prior date, you can restore your data to any point in time within the retention period of the chosen customer plan.

Engine Backup Method(s) Location Frequency RPO Encrypted
MongoDB Backup on object storage Off-Site Daily 24h Yes
MongoDB Enterprise PITR on object storage Off-site Continuous Few minutes Yes
PostgreSQL PITR on object storage On-Site Continuous Few minutes Yes
MySQL PITR on object storage On-Site Continuous Few minutes Yes
Redis Backup on object storage On-Site 2 times a day 12h Yes
OpenSearch Hourly Incremental / Backup on object storage On-Site Hourly / Daily 1h / 24h Yes
M3 Backup on object storage On-Site Daily 24h Yes
Cassandra Backup on object storage On-Site Daily 24h Yes
Kafka N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


PITR: Point In Time Recovery

RPO: Recovery Point Objective

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