MongoDB - Managing a database service from the OVHcloud Control Panel

Find out how to manage your databases in the OVHcloud Control Panel

Last updated 1st February 2022


The subscription and configuration details of your MongoDB databases can be managed in the OVHcloud Control Panel.

This guide explains how to configure a MongoDB service in the OVHcloud Control Panel.



Log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel and switch to the Public Cloud section. After selecting your Public Cloud project, click on Databases in the left-hand navigation bar under Storage.

Note that the configuration options might be different for other database types.

Databases overview

On the Databases home page, a table will list your services and their attributes.

All databases

The button Create a database starts the process of ordering a new database service.

You can remove a service by clicking on the ... button and then on Delete.

General information

After selecting your service, the General information tab displays the technical details of your plan as well as some subscription information.

General information

At the bottom of the page you can find Login information for your database; click on the respective links to copy/paste the strings for mongo shell or for use with an application.

Adding nodes

Click on Add nodes in the Information box. The number of nodes you can add depends on the service plan. Please visit the MongoDB capabilities page for detailed information on each plan's properties.

Managing users and roles

Switch to the tab Users. An admin user is pre-configured during the service installation.


You can add more users by clicking on the button Add user.

Add users

Enter a username and a password, then click Next. Passwords can be changed afterwards in the Users tab.


In the second step, select the roles for this user from the left-hand section. Click on Create user when all desired roles are listed on the right-hand side.

Using backups

Switch to the tab Backups. Backups will be created automatically, using a scheme based on the service plan. Please visit the MongoDB capabilities page for detailed information on each plan's properties.


You can restore and delete backups via the ... button.

Configuring authorised IPs

For security reasons the default network configuration doesn't allow any incoming connections. It is thus critical you authorize the suitable IP addresses in order to successfully access your database.

Switch to the tab Authorised IPs. IP addresses must be authorized here before they can connect to your database.

Authorised IP

Clicking on Add an IP address or IP address block (CIDR) opens a new window in which you can add single IP addresses or blocks to allow access to the database.

Add IP

You can edit and retract database access via the ... button in the IP table.

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MongoDB capabilities

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